Affordable Computer Services


Welcome to my site.

​    My name is Bill and I troubleshoot and repair Personal Computers (PC's). Desktops and Laptops of any brand (except Mac). Hardware or software, I do it all! Virus and Malware removal as well as free future protection against such threats.

    ​​My rates are very affordable and I always go that extra mile. Where are we located? In beautiful North Bay, Ontario! For more info. click on the "Contact" link above.


You Name it, I do it!

   Whether it's hardware or software, old or new, I can usually fix it, or find a workaround of sorts. I've been doing this for over 20 years now, so I've just about seen it all. However, with how fast technology changes, there is always something new to fix.

   My experience includes: 2 years at IBM Canada's, Toronto call center
​where I supported U.S. customers on both Desktops and Laptops.
​(promoted to 2nd Level temporary support and to Mentor new hires
​after only 6 months.) The rest of my time has been spent in small
​computer companies in both Toronto and North Bay. My certifications
​include: CompTia A+ certification, MSCE (Microsoft Support and Network Engineering) certification, and certification on all lBM Desktops and IBM Thinkpad Laptops (now Lenovo).

​ I have a great collection powerful applications and the experience to remove viruses and malware, or even recover your data (when possible) and get your computer running like a well oiled machine again.
  Best of all, I will leave the free programs I used on your computer so that you may continue to keep it at peak performance.  Who else will do that for you? The answer is nobody. 
The secret is, there is no secret! That's why I will set you up with the things you need, especially if you use the Internet a lot.
  If it's a hardware problem I will find you the best deal on replacement parts.
No excessive techno babble either, you will understand every word.
​​So come on over and see us! Satisfaction guaranteed.

There's a reason it's called "Affordable".

    If it's cheap you're after, you've come to the right place! Not cheap quality or workmanship. Cheap prices. ​I've got the best prices, bar none!

​​I believe that a trip to your local Computer Guy should not cost the same as a trip to the Dentist, or be as painful.

​ How do I do this?  No actual storefront to maintain, I do this out of my apartment,                               therefore my overhead is minimal.  

  I do not offer on site service, as that would hinder me from being affordable as my business name implies. 

​​ Why pay retail? I don't and ​neither should you!

 This translates into my expenses being low, which means big savings for you.

 ​It just doesn't get any better! The other guys will not share their little tech secrets with you, I will.


I am not responsible for data loss due to the nature of computers, especially hard drives. Hard drives are one of the few moving parts in computers and as such are quite prone to failure. BACK UP YOUR DATA before bringing in any device for service! I will do my best to save your data if there is a data loss potential, but there are no guarantees that it is possible. There are data recovery services that do that sort of thing and cost hundreds of dollars per hour if the data is that important to you.

  Don't forget to read my Disclaimer please.​
All my contact information is inside this little phone,           CLICK on it and see.